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We’re committed to delivering the highest quality essential oils. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that our products are always pure and potent. Our Essential oils are GC/MS or GLC tested and we provide actual GLC analysis report or GC/MS test results free of charge through our website for our essential oils. This is the first step in ensuring the oils have been unaltered.  This test is done in a lab where they test the oils for purity.  This document summary is available on each essential oil page and is updated every time we receive a new batch.  We are also provided with the Certificate of Analysis (CA) which gives us another tool to make sure our essential oils are at their purest. We also provide unrivaled customer service through a no questions asked 30-day product return policy


Eucalyptus Oil
Frankincense Oil
Blend-Easy Breathe

Blend Calm sleep Oil
Blend-Soothing Citrus
Blend-Pleasure and happiness
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Blend-Stress Away
Peppermint Oil
Sweet Orange Oil
Blend Love and Forgiveness Oil